Bima Sakti Menari

Bima Sakti Menari

It does not want to move the stars in the sky. The stars are there. Only human eyes cannot see. Strangely enough, little light obscures the senses. So God created the human senses with such limitations that human could not be satisfied with what they sense of.

Can Nurul Hafsa brings back the stars to Kuala Selangor?

Bima Sakti Menari

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has selected the novel Bima Sakti Menari by the author Sri Rahayu Mohd Yusop as a reading of KOMSAS Literature Components for SPM students for secondary students in the states of Terengganu, Pahang and Malacca. The award-winning Novelist Prize for Literary Prize Winners for 5 years has received the best feedback from readers. We see that the ministry's step in raising the theme of nature and the issue of light pollution is in line with the challenges we face today.

Experience the stories of Nurul Hafsa, Muhammad Taufik and Budiman in their struggle to preserve the environment. They are trying to revive the population of fireflies and restore the darksky in Kuala Selangor as a stargazing area.

There are various challenges they face, they are opposed and abducted. Can they save the dark sky and restore the ecosystem of fireflies in Kuala Selangor? Get this novel right away.

Apadilangit had launched a special program called Malam Bima Sakti Menari at the National Planetarium on April 2, 2019 as a way of exposing the public about light pollution. It is hoped that this combined concept of literature and science will inspire the public's interest in approaching environmental themes and creating awareness in them to astronomy.

Venue of the program at Panggung Angkasa National Planetarium.
Founder of Apadilangit (second from right) along with Director of National Planetarium (third from right) and Mdm Sri Rahayu (middle) the author of Bima Sakti Menari.
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